How to get rid of flying ants:Tips to follow

How to get rid of flying ants is the biggest thing for everyone who suffered a lot due to these unwanted guests. You usually find ants that crawl into your home here and there for collecting foods. We easily deal with these crawling insects easily. But living with creepy pests with wings flying around in our home is troublesome. They fly in our kitchen or in our bathroom that is a bad experience for everyone. That’s why it’s essential for us to learn how to get rid of these flying ants.

It’s not rocket science to know how to get rid of flying ants. It’s a very easy and simple way to make these flying ants out of our house. if you follow some technique then you will be able to control these pests. There are so many techniques that will help you to kill flying insects.

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What does the flying ant mean

what does the flying ant mean

Here I am going to explain all about these winged ants and make you understand how to get rid of flying ants from your home.

The flying insects that move around belong to different ant species like carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants, and many more. It is observed that about 60 species of ants are found that live in complex colonies. For the purpose of mating, they develop their wings and fly here and there. Those ants have the wings they supposed to be the reproductive member of the colony. All the flying members of the ant colony come out for mating to increase their numbers.

The flying ants may be males and females. Male ant is called “Drones” and the female is called “Queen”.

Which weather conditions increase their number?

(How to get rid of flying ants)

Often we can see flying ants indoors and outdoors. Their number is more or less according to the weather. Winged ants are seen in both indoor and outdoor.

Flying ants appear in outdoor in hot weather or summer seasons. These ants have wings when they have to be mating. During the mating season, they all keep flying outside the house. this is called the nuptial flight. These flying ants easily come inside the house through the windows and anywhere through the hole and crack.

But flying ants do not live or breed outdoor during the cold weather or winter season. At this time they hide for breeding.

If a flying ant is found inside your house, it means that it can carry out breeding inside your house. This is the biggest problem. If it makes its own nest in the structure of your house, it is also obvious that a nest of carpenter ants can be found in the structure of your house.

Differences between Flying Ants and Termites

Carpenter ants are very common all over the world. However, they are often confused with termites. In fact, some carpenter ants are much bigger than termites. You can say carpenter ants are the largest of all ant species. But also some other carpenter ants are very small. Therefore you can’t determine the species on the basis of their size.

Difference between Carpenter ants and Termites

difference between flying ants and termites

Carpenter ant has some special features that will help you to recognize whether it’s an ant or a termite.

1. Carpenter ants have Dark-colored bodies

2. They have Narrow waists with bent antennae.

3. Their Hind wings are shorter than front wings

4. Carpenter ants are normally found in the open than that of termites.

5. Termite eats the wood where it nests but carpenter ants only nest inside the wood but don’t eat the wood.

6. Carpenter ants normally produce wood dust, the soil beneath the opening of their nest.

Flying Ants Swarm to Mate

flying ants swarm to mate

The winged ants or flying ants are flying in the sky. They may be a carpenter ant or a termite. If they have the wings then it’s clear that the ants or the insects are reproductive male or queen (female).

They are the only members of an ant colony that can reproduce. However, for reproduction, the Ants and termites swarm to mate.

After mating the male die and the female or queens cut their wings. After cutting their wings, the queen and comes out in search of a new nest.

Therefore, a winged ant saw indoors during the summer season or hot weather. This means that they flew in from outside, and will likely die before it could find a new nest.

But in winter the ants are not active in outdoors. Hence flying ants have seen inside the house for nesting within the structure.

But termites don’t swarm all in the winter; in fact, they have been known to swarm in warm areas of infested buildings.

Therefore, the sudden appearance of swarming ants or termites inside the house is the signs of indoor infestation.

Facts about the Life of Flying Ants

(How to get rid of flying ants)

1. Flying ants or ants that have wings are part of a species of ants that can fly rather than a separate species in their own right.

2. There are only particular ants that will have wings, and this will only be for departing a colony and starting a new one elsewhere.

3. They are often thought to be termites, but there are distinct differences between the two species.

4. Their colonies are established by queen ants that have got together and mated to reproduce.

5. After they have mated, they will lose their wings as they no longer have use for them and be totally grounded

6. When a queen lays its eggs, the ants that will emerge will become worker ants and will create a colony.

7. There will also be ants that will be born that will have other use but to mate and lay eggs.

8. These kinds of ants will develop wings that will be put to use in order to depart the colony and find mates.

9. After they have mated, the male ants will die quite quickly but females will last and become queen ants and will start the process over again.

10. When they leave their nests, ants with wings will gather with others and create a swarm congregating with other colonies of ants.

Find out some more about flying ants

(How to get rid of flying ants)

1.When they take off to swarm they will depart one after the other in an orderly fashion

2. When they swarm, it is so timed that the colonies will congregate and flying ants will find others to successfully mate with.

3. They will look to establish places to reproduce, often on high places in a behavior called hill-topping.

4. Some ants will have colonies in places such as under woodpiles, in dead trees, or indeed in the ground where they will go unseen so as to not attract attention from deadly predators who will look to prey on them.

5. This swarm of flying ant will tend to attract many predators that will be after a good meal such as birds and dragonflies.

6. Depending on the size of the swarm, the activity of flying ants comes in bursts once it begins and can last a few hours or a few days.

7. The swarms of flying ants can vary from hundreds to as many as thousands, depending on how many colonies join to create the swarm of flying ants

Identify Flying Ants in Simple Ways

(How to get rid of flying ants)

if you want to get rid of flying ants then you have to know and identify these insects first. Here are simple ways to identify flying ants:

In general, the ant’s body has three segments. These segments would be the head, thorax, and abdomen. The point where each segment meets appears to look like a neck and waist. However, the termite’s body is different because it has two segments yet appears to be a single piece unlike in the ant. The ants have a small waist while termites have thick abdomen.

Aside from the segments, the body of the ant also varies in color. These colors range from red, brown, to black. On the other hand, the termite’s body appears only in one color, which is shiny black.

Another characteristic of ants is their wings. These insects develop wings for them to leave their colonies and mate to form new colonies. Both of these insects have two sets of wings for flying.

Through the antennae, you will also be able to distinguish an ant from a termite. Notice that the antennae of ants are slightly bent similar to that of an elbow; while on the other hand, the antennae of a termite are straight. Aside from that, there is also a slight difference in the texture of the antennae of the ants and termites.

Once you saw a single insect whether it is flying ants or termite inside the premises of your home, you should not neglect it because it will only take a short period of time before these insects can invade your home.

How to Get Rid Of Flying Ants

If you are living in the northern or eastern parts of the US, then you know what havoc ants can create in your home. There are several species of ants, right from harmless tiny ones to poisonous large ones. And, a home can get invaded by flying ants during the summer months. While flying ants are not dangerous, they can definitely be a nuisance.

Usually, you will find these ants invading your home for a couple of days in summer. This happens when the males start looking for the queen ant to mate with. Usually, you will see the ants in a swarm flying over large trees on the roof of the chimney. Once the males finish mating, they die and the queen goes off to establish a new colony. So, if the ants happen to enter your home, they will not last longer than 2 to 3 days.

The flying ants get attracted to homes because of food. They come to eat this food. Also, pets’ litter boxes tend to attract the ants. Rather than trying to kill the ants, you should eco-friendly methods that will dissuade them from entering your home.

1. Do not leave any waste lying around.

2. Make sure that the leftovers are disposed of and the litter is closed with a lid.

3. If the ants are entering through crevices, then try sealing the gaps in the windows and doors.

4. If you notice any dead flying ants, just vacuum clean the area to get rid of the bodies

Home Pest Control

(How to get rid of flying ants)

Carpenter ants usually found inside the dry wood. They also found inside the wood that is wet, damp, and rotting. For home pest control, you have to use insecticide that kills ants. in order to get rid of flying ants, you have to follow some basic tips which are mentioned below.

1. Insecticidal dust is made for carpenter’s ants. You can inject the dust into the area(s) where the ants are nesting. If it is difficult to apply the dust into the area, then you can drill small holes then inject the dust into the hole.

2. You can use bait to kill carpenter’s ants. Baits are a slower acting process, but they are more natural and safer to use inside the house. Ants pick up the poison baits to their colony that causes them to kill the queen when it eats the poison baits. Without queen ant, carpenter ants cannot survive.

3. Insecticide sprays are a toxic method to kill flying ants inside our house. You should take Precautions while spraying the insecticides.

4. Zappers are the electronic device used to kill flying insects. We can use these zappers both indoor and outdoor. As we know, insects attract light; hence, this device produces light to attract winged insects and kill them with the help of an electric current.

Natural way to kill flying ants in your home

(How to get rid of flying ants)

Some natural methods are also there to get rid of flying ants from your home.

1. The natural way of killing flying ants is a non-toxic method that keeps our family members safe. It is a cheaper method to get rid of flying ant as compared to other methods. In fact, natural remedies are not suitable for kill winged ants.

2. You can use dishwashing soap to kill the winged ants. They are inexpensive, on toxic and easy to use process. You have to make a solution of water and soap and then spray it on winged ants. This solution sticks on their body and makes them dehydrate and ultimately kill them.

3. Using Peppermint oil is also a better option to kill the ants with wings. Adding peppermint oil with water and dishwashing soap will give a better result. This solution, when sprayed on ants, will suffocate the ants to death.

4. Sticky tapes also help you to kill the flying ants. This sticky tape traps the ants while they are sitting on the tape. You can use this tape near the electric bulb and lamps.


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