green tea weight loss:perfect drink to burn fat

We all know that drinking green tea has many benefits like green tea weight loss diet is a perfect solution for burning belly fat. but in this article, I am going to tell you something that you have never heard before. First, you have to know what time to take green tea. Many people use green tea but they do not know when to take green tea. That is why maximum people use green tea at the wrong time, due to which they do not get the real benefits of green tea. You cannot drink green tea at any time. It is very important to know at what time you have to take green tea. And it is also important to know how many times you can have green tea throughout the day.

How to make green tea healthier

green tea for weight loss
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It’s also very much important to know how to prepare green tea weight loss drinks in the right way. If you do not make green tea in the right way. if you don’t follow the process of making green tea then it will not be of any use to you. That is why it will benefit you a lot by making green tea at the right time and in the right way.

I am very much sure that This post will provide you some valuable tips about green tea. informative for you. So read it carefully so that you can know the benefits and drawbacks of green tea. Let’s start.

Green tea, which is made from green leaves, which is very beneficial for our health. Green Tea was born in China. And then green tea was used in Japan and all over Asia. The practice of green tea was not yet going on for thousands of years. In countries like China and Japan, green tea is like a normal drink. If we see, after the water in the whole world, if anything is drunk more than it is green tea.

If we talk about Japan and China, then the amount of obese in them is very less. Those people look lean and fit. They have a longer life span than us and most importantly they are healthy. This is due to green tea. Today, in this article, I will tell you some of the best benefits of green tea, due to which you will be able to lose your physical and you will be healthy.

Benefits of green tea (green tea weight loss)

Benefits of green tea to lose body fat

Green tea is an excellent remedy that can reduce cardiovascular disease. However green tea contains antioxidant elements and anti-inflammatory which contains polyphenol which helps in reducing blood pressure. For this reason, it will help to reduce heart disease.

Green tea increases the metabolic activity of our body. If you consume green tea before physical work and before exercise, then it activates your body’s metabolism, which reduces the fat in our body. Hence this is the best drink for those who want to lose their body fat.

Green tea to lose cholesterol and weight (green tea weight loss)

Green tea helps in reducing cholesterol in the blood and keeps you away from obesity hence reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Green tea is an effective weapon to lose weight. Due to green tea, the metabolism of our body regulates in such a way that our body tends to lose weight.

Green tea helps to reduce stress and tooth decay(green tea weight loss)

Studies said that green tea helps to protect the brain cell and keeps our brain cool and refresh so that we will do our daily life in a healthy manner. Green tea also restored our damaged or dying brain cells to make it function properly.

Green Tea reduces our stress level, due to which we feel mentally and physically fit and maintain good stress less life.

Green tea contains an amino acid called theanine which keeps your mood cool and cool which makes the depression patient feel very relaxed. That’s why green tea is for people who are undergoing depression.

Green tea contains anti-bacterial elements that help to keep most of the organisms in your body healthy. And it kills the unwanted harmful bacteria that get into your body.

An antioxidant chemical called “catechin” is found in green tea that kills mouth bacteria and viruses that cause throat infections. Green tea gives relief from so many dental problems. However, it helps minimize tooth decay.

Green tea plays a major role in controlling blood sugar. If you are suffering from type-2 blood sugar, then it can play a big role in controlling your sugar level.

Green tea benefits for the skin. (green tea weight loss)

We know that green tea contains an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory element that helps to overcome the sign of aging and also helps to prevent your skin from wrinkle.

As per the research green tea has potent polyphenols that have chemopreventive and photoprotective qualities. If you drink or apply green tea directly on your skin then it will prevent your skin from ultraviolet rays coming out from the sun which may cause skin disease. Don’t think green tea is the substitute for sunscreen lotion but it will somehow a great backup to protect your skin from sunburn and other kinds of skin disease.

Green tea face mask-

Mix honey and green tea leave to make a paste. Then apply all over your face evenly and let it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash off your face to have soft, smooth, and healthy skin. because green contains Vitamin E and vitamin B2 which is best for your skin health.

Green tea Steam

You can also take green tea steam facial for your skin. This will rejuvenate your skin and make it look glowing and healthy in minutes.
For this steam facial, you have to take one tea bag in a bowl of boiling water and let it soak for 30-60 seconds. Now hold your face over the steam and cover your head with a towel for a refreshing and healthy facial.


On how much green tea should I take? (green tea weight loss)

Never use citrus food with green tea. Most people are found to have lemon juice in green tea, which is not good for your health. That is why never use lemon juice or other citrus food like this with green tea.

Never take green tea before breakfast and after dinner. However, take green tea two to three times a day. On an empty stomach don’t take green tea. Do not consume green tea on an empty stomach. Try a cup of green tea after breakfast and a cup after lunch. If necessary, you can also take a cup in the Evening but not more than that.

How to prepare green tea? (green tea weight loss)

Green tea recipe

  1. To prepare the green tea, you have to first boil the drinking water and then pour it into the cup and wait for 2 to 3 minutes to let the water cool.
  2. Don’t put the tea leaves directly into the hot boil water.
  3. Now put the tea bag into the cup and let it deep inside the hot water for 3 minutes till it releases its delicious aroma.
  4. Now remove the teabag from the cup and enjoy the green tea.
  5. If you don’t have teabags of green tea then you can add one teaspoon of green tea leaves directly to the hot water and let it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  6. Now you have to separate the tea leaves with the help of a sieve and intermediately take it.
  7. Never warm and drink previously made green tea later. You have to prepare your green tea fresh and enjoy its aroma at the same time.
  8. During summer, then you can cool and add some ice cubes to enjoy your drink on a hot day.



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