Difference between Green tea and Black tea: Confused?

We already know that green tea and black tea are the best beverage for our health. but do you know what is the Difference between Green tea and Black tea? if you don’t know then read this article to discover the major difference between green tea and black tea.

Do you know which of the two is better for your health? If you want to lose your body weight without doing any hardcore exercises like cable squat or jump squat, then it’s the best healthy drinks for you.

Whenever we are in stress or struggling with sleep, the first cup of tea comes to our mind. It is like magic that increases our energy, gives us freshness when we feel tired or lazy.

Apart from regular tea, these teas are very much popular among fitness enthusiasts. For health concerns, people usually prefer green tea and black tea, rather than the traditional tea or milk tea.

Camellia Sinensis plant is the primary source for the production of green or black tea, but the process of making these two are different. We use Leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant for making green tea or black tea.

Difference between Green tea and Black tea that everyone should know.

The main difference between the two is that black tea is oxidized while green tea is not oxidized. Let us know which of these two types of teas are healthier than others.

Green tea contains less caffeine than black tea, but the amount of caffeine depends on the plant and the methods of preparation. A cup of green tea contains about a quarter of caffeine compared to a cup of coffee.

While a cup of black tea contains one-third of caffeine as we know that the Caffeine present in tea helps to stimulate our nervous system, which refreshes the mood. Therefore, black tea is more effective than green tea in terms of mood alertness.

On the other hand, Green tea has a rich amount of anti-oxidant (EGCG) that helps our body to fight against cardiovascular diseases.

Green tea also helps detox and removes skin-related disorders by making your skin glowing. It makes metabolism strong, as well as boosts immunity.

Green tea also always increases your metabolism and increases your immunity compared to black tea. Additionally, green tea is still less acidic than black tea.

Green tea vs Black tea

Here is some interesting information about green and Black tea. And what is the difference between Green tea and Black Tea? Both of these teas are Orthodox or Traditional tea. This kind of tea takes minimal processing.

As we know that tea leaves are native to China. However, tea plants are cultivated on a large scale in India, especially Southern India, Darjeeling, and Assam. Indian tea leaves are trendy throughout the world.

Here, you can observe that when you brew such tea, you will find tea leaves in the tea. The first one is Green tea, and the other one is Black tea.

You see these tea leaves that are quite visible in brewed tea.

Both of these are leaves of a plant named Camellia Sinensis that is first originated in China.

Chinese has been consuming tea for thousands of year. Drinking tea is a kind of ritual and tradition for them.

Preparation and processing of Green Tea leaves

First, we will start with Green tea. If you have green tea, then observe the tea. Please also follow brewed tea. How light in color this tea is! Green tea is obtained from the first step of tea leaves processing.

Green tea has significantly less processed tea leaves. In this after plucking, tea leaves go through the withering process – a process for reducing moisture content from tea leaves.

Then tea leaves are rolled, (a rotating kind of action) to bring anti-oxidants and flavonoids on the leaf surface for better brewing. Then leaves are dried to obtain the Green tea.

Health benefits of green tea. 

  1. This liquid drink is very beneficial for our health. It has the right amount of anti-oxidants – flavonoids that improve your immunity and reduces the risk of cancer.
  2. This type of tea is helpful to overcome heart diseases and keeps you fit and fine throughout your lifespan.
  3. It has a very mild flavor as compared to other tea. Nowadays a lot of blended Green tea such as mint, ginger, honey lemon, etc. are available in the market.
  4. This is the drink that makes you slim and trims by losing your weight in a healthy way.
  5. Green tea is also beneficial for Stye. However, You can also use brewed Green tea as an eye pack. for this, you have to put cotton buds soaked in brewed Green tea over eyelids. Hence Green tea will be beneficial for your Stye.
  6. Calories of Green tea is about 2 to 3 calories per cup. (according to the source)

How to make Green tea? (Recipe)

  1. Green tea is minimally processed tea. Hence it has lower caffeine content than Black tea.
  2. Just take tea leaves and pour hot water over it. Let it rest for some time. Strain it and enjoy the tea. You can also add a sweetener such as Stevia or honey in it(optional)

Preparation and processing of Black tea leaves

Our Today’s second tea is Black tea. Please observe its leaves. Black tea is obtained from the later stage or end-stage of tea leaves processing.

Processing in tea leaves doesn’t mean treatment by the chemical. It is just a staged system to dry and enhance tea flavor.

It is also the purest form of tea leaves in which after plucking leaves go through the withering process for moisture reduction, then rolling process similar to the processing of Green Tea.

After rolling tea leaves were fermented and oxidized. Air contacts turn them in a darker color and then leaves are dried.

Health benefits of Black tea

  1. Black tea has a powerful flavor. When we drink this tea, you feel it’s stronger and slighter bitter than Green tea. But, many research studies have confirmed that black tea also has health benefits like Green tea.
  2. It does have Flavonoids. So it also reduces the risk of cancer. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  3. Apart from these, it also helps to maintain the health of blood vessels.
  4. Black tea has higher caffeine content than green tea; many researchers confirmed that it makes a person more alert and enhances productivity. Hence, directly by working more, a person loses weight. So, if you want to lose weight, focus on consuming Black tea.
  5. Black tea contains the amino acid, L-Theanine, which can help you focus and relax someplace.
  6. It reduces stress hormones in the body when consumed in small amounts.
  7. Tea works wonders for your heart health, but by nature, it is more acidic than green tea.
  8. Black tea contains Thioflavin, which protects the heart and blood vessels, controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  9. it is very much effective for your hair.it helps to decrease hair loss
  10. Calories of Black tea is around 1 to 2 calories per cup.((according to the source))

How to prepare Black tea?(Recipe)

  1. Although both of the teas are very beneficial for health, black tea is also prepared in the same manner as Green tea.
  2. Put hot water over tea leaves or black tea powder and let it steep for a few minutes. Then you can consume it with or without sweetener.
  3. Black tea leaves can also tolerate a very high temperature of the water.

Cost of Green tea and Black tea in India

Both of these teas are readily available in the market. The starting price of both the tea is around Rs 100/- for 100 gm. After the base level – premium and branded tea leaves are very costly.

Both of these tea leaves are very beneficial for health. If you have an expired tea bag – you can water your plants with brewed tea. You can also rinse your hair after shampoo with brewed tea.


Guys, here I conclude And I hope our Today’s information on the Difference between Green tea and Black tea will be useful for you. Now you are able to choose which one is best for you in your day to day life.

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