Chingari video sharing app: Ultimate alternative of TikTok

Chingari Video sharing app is increasingly popular after Chinese apps are banned in India. After the decision of the government, now one question will be on everyone’s mouth. what will next? Because today’s young generations are so involved with these social media that it is not impossible to bring them back. Because they get recognition from these social media and also get a good income as well. Therefore to overcome this situation, Indian companies are engaged to bring the alternatives of these apps. Chingari video-sharing app is one of them. this the social media app is considered to be the ultimate alternative of TikTok.

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Why we all choose Chingari app as an alternative of TikTok

As you know India has banned 59 Chinese apps in the country. This is done only because of security and privacy threat. India banned very popular Chinese apps for many reasons. We all know that by using these Chinese apps, we share our personal data with others. Knowingly or unknowingly all our privacy goes into the wrong hands. We do not even know how they use our personal data. You can also say that with the help of these apps they are spying on us. it’s a severe threat to us and our country as well. Being a true Indian, we also have to give with our Govt and throw such apps away from our phone.

Why Govt.Banned these Chinese apps

Due to the security and privacy threat, the Govt of India took an incredible decision to ban this most popular app from India. The Ministry of Information Technology (MeitY) was taken this historical decision to ban these apps under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. This step will safeguard the Indian cyberspace and cores of Indian internet and mobile uses.


 This historic step has been started with removing Ticktok App from Google play store and app store. After this, the remaining apps will be removed from these play stores very soon. After this, all these apps will not be visible in play stores anymore.

59 apps that have been banned in India

Let’s see which are these 59 apps that have been banned in India.

Here is a list of the 59 Chinese apps now banned in India:

SL.No Banned Apps
1 TikTok 21 UC News 41 DU Cleaner
2 ShareIt 22 QQ Mail 42 DU Browser
3 Kwai 23 Weibo 43 Hago Play With New Friends
4 UC Browser 24 Xender 44 Cam Scanner
5 Baidu map 25 QQ Music 45 Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
6 Shein 26 QQ Newsfeed 46 Wonder Camera
7 Clash of Kings 27 Bigo Live 47 Photo Wonder
8 DU battery saver 28 SelfieCity 48 QQ Player
9 Helo 29 Mail Master 49 We Meet
10  Likee 30  Parallel Space 50  Sweet Selfie
11 YouCam makeup 31 Mi Video Call – Xiaomi 51 Baidu Translate
12 Mi Community 32 WeSync 52 Vmate
13 CM Browers 33 ES File Explorer 53 QQ International
14 Virus Cleaner 34 Viva Video – QU Video Inc 54 QQ Security Center
15 APUS Browser 35 Meitu 55 QQ Launcher
16  ROMWE 36 Vigo Video 56 U Video
17  Club Factory 37 New Video Status 57 V fly Status Video
18  Newsdog 38 DU Recorder 58 Mobile Legends
19  Beauty Plus 39 Vault- Hide 59 DU Privacy
20  WeChat 40 Cache Cleaner DU App studio

How to permanently delete Chinese Apps from your phone

how to delete apps from your mobile

As per the expert, the banned apps will not vanish automatically from your mobile. But you can’t use this app anymore. You will not receive any new update regarding these banned apps from the server. Now it’s our turn to remove these apps manually. For this, you have to follow these steps to remove these apps effectively.

Steps to be followed

Step1- for removing this app you have to first make a backup of your mobile.

Step2- Then inside the settings click on the Factory Reset button.

Step3- After that, your phone will restart automatically with its default setting.

Step4-You can now upload your backed up files to your mobile phone.

Note (if you don’t follow these steps and delete the apps manually then your phone may be hacked by hackers. Deleting apps manually will not delete the app completely from your mobile. They will still work on your mobile.)

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All about “Chingari App”

chingari video sharing app

Chingari is an Indian app which is used to create and share short videos like TikTok. It has some additional features that help users to chat, browse and download videos and many more. Chingari was developed in 2019 by two Indian programmers.but it has gained its popularity after banned of TikTok. Surpassingly it has 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and the number increasing rapidly.

Download Chingari app Here

Chingari App Features

  1. Chingari provides users with trending news, status videos, memes, and much more.
  2. It supports various regional languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bangla. Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam,
  3. This helps the user to earn money through Chingari by posting and creating short videos like TikTok.
  4. Just like TikTok it also helps the user to earn money on the basis of its popularity
  5. Users earn points per view which can be payback as cash.
  6. Chingari app focuses on privacy and transparency as well.

How To Download Chingari App

Chingari app is available on Google Play Store and App Store as well.

To download this app, please follow these steps.

  • First, you have to open the play store from your mobile
  • Search Chingari in the search bar
  • Then click on install option to download to your

You can now create and share your short videos with friends.

The Alternate apps that will make our work even easier

Indian apps list

Alternate Indian short videos apps of TikTok, Helo, Big Libe, Vigo Video, Vmate, U Video and Kwai (Video Sharing app)

  1. Chingari
  2. Zee5(launching soon)
  3. Notably(launching soon)
  4. Bolo Indya
  5. Mitron
  6. Dubsmash
  7. Roposo

Alternate Indian apps of “Baidu” ( Translate app)

  1. Hi Translate
  2. Google Translate

Alternate Indian apps of We Meet, We Chat app(Social media app)

  1. What’s app
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

Alternate Indian apps of “Hago Play”

  1. Houseparty

Alternate Indian apps of Shareit, Xender, ES File Explorer (File sharing app)

Alternate Indian apps of Chinese app Share it 

 Alternate Indian apps of UC Browser, DC Browser, CM Browser, APUS Browser

  • Jio Borwser
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • MicrosoftEdge

Alternate Indian  apps of “Mobile Legends” (game app)

Alternate Indian apps of Baidu map

  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps

Alternate Indian apps of Shein, Club Factory, ROMW (Online Shopping)

There are lots of shopping apps available for download.

  • Snapdeal
  • Amazon
  • Myntra
  • Flipkart
  • LimeRoad

Alternate Indian apps of “CamScanner”

Alternative to Camscaner

Alternate Indian apps YouCam makeup, SelfieCity, Meitu

Alternate Indian apps of “DU battery saver”

  • Battery Saver
  • Charge Optimizer

Alternate Indian apps of “ES File Explorer”

Alternate Indian apps of “Clean Master”

Cheetah Mobile

Alternate Indian apps of Newsdog, UC News, QQ Newsfeed(News app)

  • Apple News
  • Google News
  • Inshorts
  • Newshunt

Alternate Indian apps of Clash of Kings, Mobile Legends(Game app)

  • Clash of Clans

Alternate Indian apps of Beauty Plus, YouCam makeup, Wonder Camera, Photo Wonder, Sweet Selfie, Meitu, SelfieCity (Photo editing apps)

  1. B612 Beauty & Filter Camera,
  2. PicsArt,
  3. Lightroom,
  4. Snapseed

Alternate Indian apps of QQ Mail, Mail Master (mail apps)

  • Gmail,
  • Outlook

Alternate Indian apps of QQ Music (Music apps)

  1. YouTube Music,
  2. JioSavn,
  3. Apple Music,
  4. Wynk Music,
  5. Spotify

Alternate Indian apps of Cache Cleaner DU App studio, DU Cleaner, Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile(cache cleaner)

  1. CCleaner,
  2. Norton Clean

Alternate Indian apps of QQ Launcher (app Launcher app)

  1. Microsoft Launcher


After banning Chinese apps, Google has removed these apps from its play stores. So you will not be able to download all these apps from Google Play stores. After all these apps are banned, India made Chingari video-sharing app has come in the market. As a result of the ban on TikTok, about 35 lakh people have downloaded this app. Right now, Indian apps are becoming famous among the youth.

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